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iPhone Ringtones for No Agenda, the Best Podcast in the Universe!

One of the things I like about No Agenda, aside from it being The Best Podcast in the Universe, is that the community of fellow producers is quite awesome! Aside from donating to the No Agenda, several people maintain various No Agenda related resources that other listeners utilize.

I got a request from a fellow producer via No Agenda Nation to convert some of the various No Agenda jingles and Soundboard items into iPhone ringtones. Rather than just do the couple she asked me to do, I decided to do a few more and make them available on a blog posting for all the human resources out there that might want some No Agenda sounds for their iPhone.

These files are in m4r format, ready for copying into your iTunes library and syncing with your iPhone after you right-click each link and choose Save As. I am told renaming the file extension from m4r to m4a or mp3 will make it work correctly on Android devices, but I don’t have these devices to test with. You have to right-click and save each link.

Note that I don’t claim any ownership over these clips and are provided merely as a service to fellow No Agenda fans!



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