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Dameon D. Welch-Abernathy, CISSP, a.k.a. “PhoneBoy,” has provided aid and assistance to countless IT professionals since 1996. Best known as the author of two books on Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 as well as creator of a well-visited FAQ site on the Check Point products, Welch-Abernathy currently works as a Solution Manager for Check Point Software Technologies. Prior to that, Welch-Abernathy spent 10 years in Nokia’s Security Appliance Business, which was acquired by Check Point Software Technologies in April 2009.

On this blog, Welch-Abernathy generally writes on the subjects of VoIP, Telecom, Gadgets and Technology. For Computer and Network Security topics, check out PhoneBoy’s Security Theater. For everything else PhoneBoy, check out PhoneBoy Says.

Disclaimer: Don’t confuse the views expressed herein with those of Check Point Software Technologies, Nokia, or any other employer Welch-Abernathy has had or may have in the future. The views here may not even be his!

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Parent, Writer, Podcaster, Coffee Achiever, VoIP/Telco Curious, C-List Information Security Celebrity, and Mobile Phone Connoisseur residing in Gig Harbor WA US. Sometimes NSFW, always a 49ers fan.