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Random Thoughts

Rather good? Rather distrubing in a twisted sort of way, or is it twisted in a distrubing sort of way? Can’t decide.

I like the Red Dwarf theory on the JFK assassination: have Kennedy shoot himself from the grassy knoll. “It’ll drive the conspiracy theorists nuts” says Dave Lister.

My son finally decided that pooping on the potty was a good thing today. Without any encouragement from us no less. Considering my son’s problems with pooping over the past year or so, which started around the time we started potty training the first time, this is a good thing.

I still have too much to do at work, though I feel like I actually made some progress today. “Just keep swimming…”

It’d be nice if they outlawed provider locks on cell phones. It’s nice to see that the Consumers Union is petitioning the FCC to outlaw this practice. Tell the FCC that you wish to take your handset with you.

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