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Atkins Day 2

Right around lunch time today, I noticed a huge craving for, well, stuff I wasn’t supposed to eat. And a headache from the caffiene withdrawls. Part of the problem with me going on Atkins is that my wife won’t do the diet with me (she doesn’t like protein as much as I do). This means there’s lots of stuff in the house that I shouldn’t eat, especially on Induction. Since I have children, it also means I have to handle food I shouldn’t eat quite regularly (e.g. because children like to eat too. ;)

The good news is that, at least at the moment, I’ve done a good job resisting the urge to eat the stuff I’m not supposed to on Induction. Of course, it’s only two days into it and there’s a lot more to go. I think I’ve been getting under the 20 grams of carbs a day. The vitamins I’ve taken have helped with the cravings and have done a good job at keeping my energy levels steady. I’m waiting for the energy boost and supressed appetite you’re supposed to get around day 3 or 4 when ketosis kicks in.

My wife mistakenly interperted my statement “the first four days are going to be the hardest” as Induction lasting only four days. When I broke it to her that I would be on Induction for at least two weeks and possibly longer, she was less than pleased, especially since that makes it more difficult for her to cook something “we can both eat.” Oh well, that much more meat for me.

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