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Same as the Old Job

At my current employer, I am in the process of switching back to what is basically my “old job” when I was originally hired. Over the past year or so, I was working on a different project, mostly focusing on Knowledge Management functions. The problems with those tasks are:

  1. I’m not trained for it.
  2. It’s not what I want to do.
  3. It’s a huge job.

I was basically given an opportunity to “have my old job back” so to speak. The nice thing about my old job is that I actually get to talk to customers again, albeit still not as often as I used to. I also get to be, well, technical.

One of my co-workers had an excellent description of me: intensely curious about technology. The intense curiously allows me to learn about how it works. In addition, I can, and often do, communicate that stuff about the technology to others in both oral and written form. In the technical support game, being able to do those things well are important.

The big problem I have going forward is: I’m not completely able to leave my “old job” behind. Part of that is based on the fact the tasks of my old job are going with me due to restructuring. That just means “yet more tasks to do.” One way to look at it: Job Security.

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