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Business Cards and Badges

One of the downsides of working remotely for a company is that things like badges and business cards aren’t something you need all that often. Of course, that doesn’t remove the need for these items — after all, you do meet people once in a while and need to get into your real office. For me, they are also a sign that “hey, I work for this company.”

When I first started with my current employer over five years ago, I didn’t have a picture badge, though I had an access badge. It sort of made sense because I was usually at home. However, I once made a trip to one of our offices abroad where wearing a proper company-issued picture-ID at all times was a requirement. They ended up making me a badge there. I think it took another two years or so to actually get a proper one issued from the office I worked in.

As far as business cards go, I think this is only the second time I’ve had “up-to-date” business cards. I can’t remember the last time I ordered business cards, though it must have been since I moved to Port Orchard since they had that address on them. But the telephone numbers were wrong. Today, I got an updated batch of business cards with the right number and the office address in California (they don’t let you “pick” your own address anymore).

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