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Wednesday Night Roundup

Otherwise known as “I don’t have enough to say about one thing that I need to combine them into one post so I have a reasonable sized post.”

More EQO News:  Chris over at EQO told me today they were going to roll out their EQO Mobile Beta with Skype support. The upgrade looks to have been rolled out and is available now. The Skype support will still require an agent running on your PC or Mac, just like with their previous EQO for Skype offering. If you have the previous EQO for Skype on your PC or Mac, you will need to download the updated version so it can be used with Skype. I have the new versions locked and loaded and will be doing a more complete write-up tomorrow.

YouTube is Down Too:  This evening I did my usual troll through the RSS reader and tried to look at a couple of videos on YouTube. It’s also down for maintenance. Their message says they are rolling out new features to the site and that they will be back shortly. With increase competition in this space, I wonder what the new features are.

Fonality buys Trixbox:  Tom Keating breaks the story that Trixbox, formerly the Asterisk@Home project, has been acquired by the folks at Fonality, which offer a product similar to Trixbox. Basically, Fonality is going to throw their weight behind keeping Trixbox going by having some of their employees develop for and extend the platform. Trixbox is a really nice way to get Asterisk set up in a flash. Certainly beats the alternative, and it keeps getting better with each release! The fact it is getting some commercial “support” validates the product, and open source as a whole. And for those who view this as a bad thing, I have one thing to say to you: GPL. If you don’t like what they’re doing with the product, fork and make your own.

What Voice 2.0 Can Do: This excellent post by Ted Wallingford sums up what we really want in Voice 2.0. However, I think I can do it in one sentence: Seamless communication with completely interchangable transport, application, authentication, and security. We’re definitely not there yet, and we may not get there in version 2.0 either. Maybe “authentication and security” are 3.0 concepts, but they shouldn’t be.

PS3 Versus Wii: Someone sends me this link in IM this morning. It’s funny on so many levels. Just wait for YouTube to come back.

Welcome Back, Democracy–Player That Is:  I’ve decided I’d give Democracy Player a try again this week. It has improved since I used it last, though I have to admit I’ve changed platforms since I used it last. The main thing it has over iTunes is Bittorrent support, which is useful for getting certain content. And this little post from Jesse Newland will make some people very happy and others–likely the content owners–very sad.

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