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MacBook Still Sans Working Battery

At the moment, my MacBook is more like a desktop than a laptop. I had to haul it downstairs to watch some stuff on the television, but without a working battery, I had to completely shut it down first. That added a few extra minutes to the process. 

In less than 24 hours, I should have a replacement battery from Apple. I was told one would be shipped within 3-5 business days. Since I called them last Wednesday and it only shipped today, that’s more like 6 business days. Not great, but alright. They did overnight the battery, though.

I ended up paying the extra dosh for AppleCare on this MacBook. After having to provide a credit card just to talk to someone about something I knew was a hardware problem, I decided AppleCare was the way to go. If this kind of thing happens again, I want to be covered. 

I’ve actually seen how AppleCare works from the other end. My step father used to work for an Apple dealer and, at least back in the 80s, they were really good about swapping out bad parts and the like for covered items. It sometimes took some time, but I chalk that up to being in Hawaii, where everything takes longer to get there. 

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to have a laptop again.

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