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Google Backing Off on Click-to-Call?

Om breaks the news that Google may be backing off on their multi-year agreement with eBay “to connect users, merchants, and advertisers around the globe” as was jointly announced on 28 August 2006. Marcelo manages to get a snapshot of the announcement posted in the official Google blog (as shown in Google Reader) before it got deleted. Rich Tehrani questions whether this is happening or not, while Andy posits a possible explanation.

When I saw the headline for this, without having done any further reading, my thought was “Where did this come from? What source do we have for this?” The fact it came from Google’s own blog suggest it may be true. However, just because it appears on a blog–even the company’s own blog–doesn’t make it fact. Someone could have hacked the blog or fat-fingered on the posting process during an “early rough draft.” Wouldn’t be the first time either of those things have happened.

I have faith in the blogosphere’s ability to get to the bottom of this and sort it out.

Update: Om gets to the bottom of this. It’s false.

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