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Google Docs, Posting to Blogs, and Drupal

Om points out it’s possible to post blog posts from WritelyGoogle Docs & Spreadsheets. Being someone who likes to play with new things, I figured I’d give it a shot. I use Google for Email and RSS reading, why not?

In the Google Docs interface, there is a Publish tab. From there you can click on the Publish to Blog button, but only after you change the settings to point to your blog. They support the three types of Blog APIs: Blogger, MetaWeblog, and MovableType. They even provide a link to a handy, dandy list of blog software, the API it supports, and an example site URL to reach the blog API. The help file points to I guess they haven’t gotten that far into the integration yet.

Well, apparently Google Docs can’t post to Drupal-based blogs like mine very well. It tried to dump the entire text of the blog posting in the subject–something that just doesn’t work too well. I’ll have to try it later when the G-men fix it.  

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