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Going Back To Seattle

I’m about to board my Copenhagen-bound Flight in Helsinki. I think this is the first day where it has rained since I’ve been in Helsinki, though there were certainly a few days where it sprinkled. Weather is supposed to still be reasonable in Seattle, certainly it will be warmer than Helsinki. :)

I’m posting this using my Sonera Homerun password I got from the hotel, which appears to work here as well (at least for the next few hours). And, of course, the bandwidth here is just as crappy as it was in the hotel. Having experienced the InspiAir-powered hotspot in the Helsinki City Center for myself, I know that public WiFi hotspots can be just like my broadband at home. Unfortunately it will take some time for InspiAir to get the word out to the larger hotspot operators who would benefit greatly from this gear. Heck, I know some large corporations that would benefit from this gear. 

Meanwhile, it’s time to switch into a very disconnected state. Follow my status on the “Where’s PhoneBoy?” section of my homepage as I will be sending Twitter updates along the way. 

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