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How Do You Deal with the Time Zone Warp?

One thing I know some more well-traveled people have to deal with on a regular basis is adjusting your body clock to deal with time zones. Frequently when I travel, it is to the San Francisco Bay Area. Since it’s in the same time zone as Seattle, no issues there other than just general travel issues. However, I’ve traveled east more than a couple of times this year–enough that I’ll make Premier on United for the first time in several years. Not that it gets you much, but hey, it’s something.

One problem I’ve had with easterly travel is the time zone differences. That is usually enough to mess with my sleeping patterns for a few days, even when I take steps to minimize it. For example, taking red eye flights and powering through the first day with minimal sleep. It usually doesn’t bother me coming west again, but a 10 hour time difference affected me coming home too. Maybe because I’m getting older or something, or maybe that was just too big of a difference for it to matter.

You’ll have to excuse my light blogging until Tuesday since I’m taking tomorrow off and will be hitting the sack early this evening. However, I’d love to hear what some of you more seasoned travelers do in order to minimize the effects of jet lag.

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