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WiFi On The Ferries in Seattle

There has been plans to outfit the ferries in the Seattle area with WiFi access. For the past year or more, it has been an “Experimental” service available for free on some routes as well as at the Seattle ferry terminal. Now they are planing to roll the service out throughout the Washington State Ferries system, though it’s going to be a pay service after November 20th. Initially, it will be available on the following routes:

  • Seattle/Bainbridge Island
  • Edmonds/Kingston

By the end of December, it should also be available on: <ul> <li> Mukilteo/Clinton </li> <li> Seattle/Bremerton (the route I use most often) </li> </ul>

Pricing for the service will be $29.95/mo, $6.95/24 hours, or $2.95 + .25 per 15 minutes. If you have an account on T-Mobile Hotspot, Sprint, iPass, or one of Opti-Fi’s roaming partners, you will be able to use the service for no additional cost. 

For those that rely on the ferry system to get around, having WiFi will be a huge bonus. It will make a large chunk of that commute time usable for work. While I don’t regularly take the ferry, I look forward to giving this a try in the near future.

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