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All Kids Love Backlog!

I’m still catching up from being in Finland. I suspect I will be a bit behind the eight ball for a bit longer since I will be “on vacation” next week. Not going anywhere special, but my son is only in school half-days next week so I will have some extra family time. With that in mind, here’s more from the backlog file:

SightSpeed Featured on MarketWatch: If you want to know what SightSpeed is all about, watch this video clip where SightSpeed CEO Peter Csathy talks with Bambi Francisco at MarketWatch. Bottom line: in the video space, SightSpeed has the quality that others don’t.

Speaking of Video Calling:  Luca had posted a piece on why he thought video calls over 3G were useless. There was quite a storm of commentary that followed. The big problem in the US anyway is lack of broadband speeds on our mobile phones. Well that and the fact that a lot of people still use their phones as, well, phones. I think once the capabilities are available, I and a lot of my tech friends will use it. Heck, I already use the crap out of the camera on my Nokia E70 for both pictures and videos. Why? Because I have it with me at all times. The video and picture quality is not fantastic, but it’s good enough. When is SightSpeed going to partner with Nokia or some other mobile phone manufacturer to bring their technology to the mobile handset, anyway?

CommuniGate Giving Away Their PBX: Marcelo lets us know that there is an alternative to Asterisk and Asterisk-based PBXes: CommuniGate Pro 5.1. They are making it possible to use their software with up to five users for free. Of course, CGP is more than just a PBX, it’s an industrial-strength email server, an instant messaging/presence server, and more. It also runs on just about any available OS: Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc. While CGP is a powerful product, my biggest complaint with it has always been the administration interface. When I was mucking about with Voxilla’s CGP server, I frequently found myself fumbling about to do relatively simple things. They might want to take a page from the folks at Trixbox, which has always had a pretty easy-to-use interface. With Fonality’s involvement, it’s only gotten better.

Startups that Get It:  Ken Camp wrote a wonderful piece on how todays startups are showing that they get it. The only thing I would add to what Ken said is that any company who responds to what a blogger says do so as soon as possible. Basically, us bloggers (or at least me and most of the bloggers I know) are a fickle bunch. If you take too long to respond to our rants and raves, our opinions will be set into concrete and we will have moved onto the next thing. That isn’t to say opinions can’t be changed, but it’s a lot more difficult than when the opinions are freshly minted.

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