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Nokia N93 Reviews are Trickling In

Alec Saunders got his N93 and wrote up his first impressions. Also, you can see from the Nokia N93 Blogger Relations site that reviews are coming in.

I also have a Nokia N93. The main reason I don’t use it so much is because it doesn’t support GSM850. The lack of GSM850 makes a huge difference on Cingular in this part of the world. It will do okay on T-Mobile as long as you don’t roam into any GSM850 areas (which are roaming partners). Unfortunately, T-Mobile’s GSM coverage at my house is, shall we say, less than stellar.

I did show it to my wife and showed her the video functions. She tends to view the phone as a camcorder. When you can take 640×480 videos at 30 frames a second for an hour at a shot, can hook it up to a TV, and eventually burn the videos on DVD, that’s basically a camcorder. The Nokia N93 is definitely a lot smaller than our seemingly ancient Sony, which records to Super-8 tapes. I’ve taken a few videos with the Nokia N93, for example the video review I did of the Nokia N73. I will post some others (as well as some of my own thoughts) at a future time.

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