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QuickLinks 15 November 2006

Here are a few odds and ends:

  • I Rescue Andy’s Phone:  Despite what Andy was saying here, I used publicly available software to get his Nokia E61 humming. He should get it tomorrow and I suspect we’ll hear what happens with it one way or the other.
  • Do We Like SightSpeed Too Much?: Apparently, a reader of Luca’s blog thinks we do, but we do for a reason. We not only like the video quality on SightSpeed, we like the company as well. The SightSpeed team has been good about engaging bloggers. It’s more than I can say for some companies.
  • Alec Doesn’t Like Nokia N93 for Music: Being as I try to avoid using the torture that is Windows, I haven’t tried to do the kinds of things Alec Saunders was trying to do with the Nokia N93 in terms of syncing music with the phone. Being a Mac guy, I tend to just copy the stuff onto the MiniSD card and be done with it. Maybe there’s a cool way to sync with iTunes, but it’s low on the priority list.
  • More Non-Top 50 VoIP Influencers: While I wasn’t disappointed to not make the list, a couple others thought I should be there. Thanks Pat and Luca. :)
  • iotum Needs a QA Expert: Alec Saunders has a huge hole to fill in his company. He needs a good QA guy. Unfortunately, the people I know that might be interested aren’t anywhere near Ottawa, but maybe one of my readers does?

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