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QuickLinks 17 November 2006

More from Google Reader:

  • VoIPGirl Keeping the Landline:  Having been through the same windstorm as Leanne–after all, Seattle isn’t all that far from Vancouver, and we get the same weather–I can sympathize and concur. Of course, even though we’re keeping the landlines, I always have a charged battery for at least one mobile phone. Sometimes more. Call it an occupational hazard.
  • Abbeynet Has 100k Click-To-Call Customers: I didn’t know that Luca had a click-to-call service called Sitofono. Mac support certainly isn’t perfect yet, but at least it will call you on a landline. I took Luca up on getting a Sitofono button for my site. I’m supposed to get it in the next few days.
  • The Race To Zero Repeats Itself: Garrett Smith over at VoIP Supply wrote a very interesting piece about how IP PBX vendors are entering the very same “race to zero” that the Internet Telephony Service Providers have been in. And until companies realize that it’s not just about price, this trend will continue ad-infinitum.
  • Skype 2.5 for Mac:  Tom Keating was first to report that Mac users were getting a little of their own beta love from Skype. New features: outbound SMS, 10-way con calling, and the ability to select different, separate audio sources for input and output. From my point of view, not much new, but I’ve got it running anyway, though if you’re upgrading from a version prior to 2.0 like Om did, then you’ll see some other changes.
  • GSM 850 Must-Have: If you are a GSM user and you either live in or visit the United States, make sure your phone has GSM 850. I had made that observation earlier, and Jim Courtney agrees. Conversely, if you live stateside and you visit Europe a lot, you need a phone with GSM 900. I had pretty pitiful mobile phone coverage in Finland on the US variant of the Nokia E70, which lacks GSM 900.
  • Upgrade for Nokia PC Suite: For you, Alec and Ken, download PC Suite 6.82 from Nokia. After years of experience, I always use the latest release from the web rather than whatever is included with the phone. Thanks to Nico for the tip.

And of course there’s more, but I’ll save it for another time.

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