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QuickLinks 19 November 2006

More odds and ends:

  • Skype Going Symbian:  While I saw this on the web first, I also had some confirmation from internal sources. Well, it’s really going to be a rebadged version of iSkoot, which works alright. Hopefully they are adding IM to their existing client, but my guess is not in the first version.
  • The Right Way to Do PR: Jim Courtney outlines something I’ve been all too familiar with lately: the right way to do PR today. I have been meeting with various clients of Andy Abramson’s agency Comunicano, so you can say that I’ve been experiencing the change first-hand. Andy responds to Jim’s post, clarifying how it works.
  • Puke 2.0: I have to agree with Ken Camp, this whole 2.0 label is overrated.
  • Free Yourself From Spam: Tom Keating’s answer to the age-old question of how to deal with the increasing deluge of spam: change your email address. I’ve had the same email address for 10 years, so I can sympathize. And it’s not just all the things addressed to [email protected], but all the email addresses that are forwarded to it. :)
  • Skype for Business?: I guess I had seen this mentioned/announced somewhere, but it didn’t really register. However, I ultimately agree with Ken Camp’s assessment of the thing. Skype may never be something a corporate IT department would ever support, but you can bet people will continue using this tool to subvert corporate IT policy.
  • Wait on IE7: Being a Mac person, I don’t use IE7 all that much. I have PCs, though, and on those PCs, I have no intention to upgrade to IE7 on machines I do real work on. I’ve seen a few anecdotal reports on the web, including this one from my dad, that suggest caution be the key word here when Microsoft eventually offers you the ability to upgrade.

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