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This Click-to-Call Business

Yes, there's been some reports that Google has Click-to-Call working. Andy Abramson, Peter Csathy, and Luca Filigheddu had stuff to say about it. While I have no idea what's in it for Google to provide this service free of charge, I can't help but think anything that makes it easier for people to connect with your business is a good thing. I do have to wonder, though, whether click-to-call is ultimately cheaper than an 800 number, or equivalent. Certainly with the 499 Euros that Abbeynet charges for the service commercially, it will defer some of that cost, or at least make it "fixed" and therefore a lot easier to deal with. They charge 100 euros less if the calls terminate into a toll-free number, but there's still some cost there–namely to call the customer to connect them to you. Is it worth it? Apparently, 100,000 of Abbeynet's customers think so, and that's a lot of Euros. :)

I took Luca up on his offer to provide free Sitofono service to a few of us bloggers. I've finally gotten around to putting this up on my blog. There's a permanent home for this button on my feedback page. Meanwhile, if you want to try it, click the Sitofono button below and you can yack at me (or perhaps my GrandCentral voicemail):

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