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QuickLinks 20 November 2006

Back with power and heat once again, here are the goodies:

  • A Different Argument for Net Neutrality:  Andy gets credited for finding this piece from Tony Greenberg about what effect the lack of Net Neutrality will have on a very lucrative business–online gaming. I hadn’t thought of it that way.
  • AT&T Using WiMax?: If Andy didn’t make so much money as a PR guy, he’d make a great journalist. He certainly uncovered a doozie–that AT&T is going to deploy WiMax in rural Nevada. Keep in mind AT&T is the local LEC throughout most of California and Nevada, so it’s very interesting they are choosing to bypass their own infrastructure and going straight to the air.
  • Twitter + WordPress: Ken Camp found an interesting plugin that sends an update to Twitter every time you post a blog entry. Ah, if only someone write such a plugin for Drupal. Well maybe not, given that I tend to blog late at night. Those updates might wake someone up. :)
  • WiFi on Seattle Ferries Free for One More Week: As I mentioned earlier, some of the ferry runs on Washington State Ferries have been outfitted with WiFi and been made available for free as a test. The “go-live” date for the new pay service was supposed to be, well, today. Apparently, there are some issues at the Bainbridge Island and Kingston terminals that will delay the roll out of the fee-based service for another week. At least they are doing it right by not asking for money until it’s working properly.

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