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QuickLinks 21 November 2006

Sorry for another QuickLinks post, time just isn’t what it used to be:

  • How To Pick A Smartphone:  In what promises to be a series of enlightening articles on Web Worker Daily, Pierre Khawand has tried 9 different smartphones over 81 days and will tell us all about it. The only flaw in his logic so far is thinking that Symbian is the “black sheep” of the bunch. It may be in the States, but if you look at the worldwide market, more Smartphones run Symbian than any other OS combined. As usual, the States is backwords from the rest of the world.
  • Cancelling via EMail: Alec Saunders is trying to cancel his SunRocket account via email. They want him to call and talk to someone to do it. Alec refuses. SunRocket doesn’t have an alternate means to charge him for the service since Alec used a debit card of some sort that has since run out of funds. This could get interesting.
  • Twitterness: On my personal blog, I rallied the troops to get Vox to support Twitter–namely allow us to add a Twitter timeline into our Vox account. The folks who run the Twitter blog noticed my efforts. While I don’t have any delusions that I am going to start a huge movement or anything, every little bit helps I suppose.
  • 10-Digit Dialing and PhoneGnome: VoIPGirl has a tip on making your PhoneGnome work in areas where 10-digit dialing is mandatory. It’s 7-digit land here, though 10 and 11-digit dialing also work.

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