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Nokia N80i: Looks Like a Winner

There’s been some buzz about the Nokia N80i. As near as I can tell from reading the spec sheets, it appears to be the Nokia N80 with a slightly updated version of Symbian OS that includes some additional applications.

For me, anyway, this phones has almost everything I want in a phone (in no particular order):

The few downsides I see, based only one what I see in the spec sheets, include:

  • Lack of QWERTY keyboard. Yes, I know, Jim, this is an E series thing, but damn it, non-business people want keyboards too!
  • No cover for the camera lens. Maybe there’s something that slides over it, I don’t know.
  • Battery life. Then again, I am good at draining the battery on my phones because I use them more than the average person. Yes, I’m sick.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these babies and take it for a spin like I’m doing with the Nokia N73 and N93.

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