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Gizmo Project on the Nokia N80: Now I Want It!

Andy Abramson just called me from his Nokia N80 using Gizmo Project. Yes, it was using VoIP over WiFi.  The quality was so good, I couldn’t tell it was a VoIP call. And, according to Andy, it took two minutes to set up. The application was downloadable from Nokia’s Software Library available from the Nokia N80 menus and it simply sets up the SIP stack built into the Nokia N80 to use Gizmo Project. There isn’t a Gizmo “application,” so you don’t have a buddy list, but you can make Internet calls just as easily as you can make non-Internet calls. This is very similar to how TruPhone works, except the setup process is even easier.

After hearing this and experiencing the call quality firsthand, I can’t wait to get my hands on this phone and try this out for myself.


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