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More Reasons Why Gmail Mobile Isn’t Quite There

Previously, I had posted some thoughts about how Gmail Mobile isn’t quite ready for primetime, though it was more in the context of being a BlackBerry replacement. Luca Filigheddu has chimed in with some other reasons why Gmail Mobile needs some work, and I agree with them.

Allow me to add one more thing it needs. One thing I took for granted with Nokia Business Center, which is now being rolled into the Intellisync email solution Nokia acquired earlier this year, was the ability to deal with Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents without requiring a local viewer for these doc types. I could click on an attachment and it would render in my local browser. Some formatting and the like would be lost, but the text of the document was there, easily readable, and took a fraction of the time to download. Gmail on the web has similar functionality for PDFs and Microsoft Word docs. There’s no reason they couldn’t implement the same thing on Gmail Mobile.

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