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Bad About Blogging

While I’ve been in California this week, I have been excessively bad about blogging. Part of it is that I’ve learned about a lot of things I quite frankly can’t openly discuss on a blog. But I can mention a few things:

  • I met, in person, the Marketing Director at Sipura. I’ve interviewed him for a couple of articles for Voxilla already. It was nice to talk to him in person.
    • I also met Marcelo (from Voxilla) and his daughter. In addition to delivering me some equipment, I hooked him up with another friend to help him do some project. I also got him to buy a Nokia 6820. :)
      • I took some Check Point training on Provider-1 and VSX. All I can say is: they need more equipment to make that class work the way it should.</ul>

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