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Configure your Linksys/Grandstream/Leadtek Device to use PhoneGnome

If you have a Linksys, Grandstream, or Leadtek ATA lying around that you’d like to use with PhoneGnome, now you can get your device auto-configured to use it. Yes, I helped make this happen, in more ways than one.

This is not the same thing has having a PhoneGnome device, but you will be able to make/receive calls from PhoneGnome subscribers or any number of connected VoIP networks. You can also make PSTN calls using a Internet telephony service provider that you can define within PhoneGnome. My personal choice is Voxee, though you can use any number of others.

You can also assign yourself your own PSTN number to the device–different from the one you use to sign up with PhoneGnome–by signing up for an IPKall number and pointing it at [email protected].

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