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Nokia HS-3W

Today, my new bluetooth headset I ordered a couple weeks back has arrived, the Nokia HS-3W. I didn’t want any of the “over the ear” headsets that other companies had. I like the earbud headsets much better, but this is the first I’ve seen that’s also wireless.

The base for the headset is small and light enough to clip on your shirt. The base contains volume control, a power switch, a place to plug in a charger (accepts a standard Nokia charger) and a status light that changes colour depending on what’s going on. When “actively connected” to a phone, the headset blinks every few seconds. The base also provides a place to store the sarbud, which magnetically attaches to the proper location. The cord for the earbud can easily be wrapped around the base in the provided grooves for easy storage. Very elegant design.

In the sound quality department, it sounds excellent and has decent range. I seperated the phone from the base by at least 10 feet and was able to maintain a conversation. The headset also has a button which can be used much like the button on a Nokia headset — to end a call or to do voice-activated dialing. The button will also help the headset to “find” it’s associated phone if it disconnects for one reason or another.

I tried this headset with two phones: the Nokia 3650 and the Nokia 6820. Association with my 6820 was very straightforward. Getting my headset to associate with the 3650 was a bit more problematic, most likely due to the bluetooth implementation on the 3650. I did get it working, though. It will supposedly work with a number of other bluetooth-enabled phones from Nokia and other manufacturers.

My only complaint about this headset is the cost. It is quite a bit more expensive than other headsets by Jabra and the like.

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