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Reimaging the Corporate Laptop

I was in the office for the first time in several months when my laptop decided to act up. The network jack wasn’t working reliably. In fact, it’s always had issues. Instead of messing around with it, I decided to take my machine over to the help desk to have them reimage it. It was starting to have other issues as well, and figured it was easier to just load a brand new XP image than to try and solve it.

One of the reasons I hate the corporate image is that there is so much software loaded that just slows the machine down. Sure, all of it is necessary to both manage and protect the corporate assets. However, it does make for a sub-optimal experience. And the nice thing from my point of view is if it needs to be reinstalled, I can outsource that job to someone else.

Fortunately, I travel with more than one laptop. I have my MacBook connected up to our lab T1 where I am surfing away. I am using our SSL VPN to get into read corporate email. I can still access Windows stuff thanks to Parallels and 2gb of RAM. I also have other ways to obtain my email, if needed.

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