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One Number or Many Numbers?

Leanne, a.k.a. VoIPGirl spends some time considering the differences between TalkPlus and GrandCentral. TalkPlus gives your mobile phone multiple numbers, which is handy when you want to mask your real number. GrandCentral, on the other hand, wants you to have one number to reach you, but give you the ability to adequately filter who is able to call you.

For me, it’s not about phone numbers. To me, a phone number is a way to not only “talk,” but to send/receive SMS/MMS messages. Actually, since I discovered the ability to blog from my phone, I don’t bother with MMS anymore. But I still use SMS–a lot. And, unfortunately, the only thing that provides me a real SMS identity is a mobile phone.

For either solution to become “my final solution,” I need my number to support SMS. End of discussion.

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