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No Office Hours? I Like This!

As someone who has worked at home for close to a decade, I have done work at some rather odd times. Now granted I have to deal with external customers from time to time as well as meetings and such, so a certain part of my schedule is dictated by that. That being said, my management doesn’t care if I do my “core” work at 2pm or 2am. They just care about the results. Because I am able to consistently deliver good results, I am able to continue my work-at-home arrangement and basically “set my own schedule.”
It’s nice to see some companies take this concept a step further, as documented in this Slashdot article, which references this article in BusinessWeek Online. It’s ironic that this is occurring at the retailer that many people hate: Best Buy. That being said, I’m all for companies empowering their employees to make decisions about how best to accomplish their tasks. It’s one reason I enjoy working where I do and have stayed there as long as I have.

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