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Soonr Gives Free Disk Space

I’ve previously written about Soonr, which is a client-side plugin for Skype that makes it possible to send and receive both IM and calls to and from Skype users. I haven’t used it in a while, mostly because I’m too busy using Twitter to be bored enough to fire up Skype on my mobile phone.
Today I got an email from the folks at Soonr letting me know that I can now store up to 100mb of documents on their servers for free and I can access that stuff from my Soonr account over the web. Nice idea, but 100mb is hardly enough to store any appreciable amount of data. Might be nice for a few files, but not much else. Soonr was going to charge for this feature. Maybe they will charge for more disk space.

Still scratching my head on the monetization strategy for this one.

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