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Skype’s New Calling Plan

Oh yeah, everyone’s put in their two cents on this news. Skype is now offering an annual plan for $29.95/year (USD) that will allow residents of the US and Canada to make all the calls they want to the US and Canada. It’s basically a paid version of the free calling promotion they’ve had in place for the past several months. And if you act before 31 January 2007, the price is only $14.95/year.

I tend to agree with Pat Phelan on this one: this doesn’t seem like anything new. The pricing looks fairly attractive, especially at the $14.95/year price point. However, one issue that I’ve had with SkypeOut calls is quality. Hopefully this money will go to improve SkypeOut call quality because that’s one of my biggest gripes with Skype right now.

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