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Connecting Online With Video

One thing I like about SightSpeed’s CEO Peter Csathy is that he’s a dogfood man: he uses the products the company produces. I would expect nothing less for a man who has a company in Berkeley, CA, yet lives in San Diego, CA. (For those not familiar with California geography, those two cities are several hundred miles apart.)

Peter does make a good point about video conferencing being “the next best thing to being there.” It’s certainly been around for quite a while–heck, I remember back in the Radionet Talk Radio days we did a CUSeeMe session during a show. It was fun, but between the available bandwidth–remember the majority of people were on dialup a decade ago–and the available cameras, it was a far cry from what’s available today.

I know I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: SightSpeed rocks the house. Consistent bandwidth permitting, we get high-quality, full motion video that nothing else out there matches. Almost like being there. :)

If you have a video camera and want to try it out, give me a call on SightSpeed. If you have Windows and Internet Explorer, there’s nothing you need to install to try this. It just works. In other situations, you will need to download the free SightSpeed client to make the call. There’s a click-to-call button at the bottom of the sidebar of the page. Go on, give it a try!

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