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Mea Culpas on Hamachi

Apparently, the inadvertent inaccuracies in Ken Camp’s article on Hamachi got some play in the blogosphere. I did my part by perpetuating these inaccuracies, so I figure I should do something to perpetuate the correcting of those mistakes as well by pointing to his Mea Culpa blog posting. 

While there is a lot of good information about Hamachi in his posting, and he’s quick to praise the Hamachi folks for their disclosure of what they do, the main point still stands: some portion of the communication occurs to a machine on foreign soil (unless you happen to live in Australia). It may not be a lot, in reality, but it’s enough to make some security people want to prohibit the use of Hamachi. 

I personally find Hamachi a very useful tool and have used it in small-business environments. In a large corporate environment, however, that’s a different story altogether and I agree with Ken’s assessment of the situation.

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