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What is PhoneBoy Getting For Christmas?

I haven’t decided yet. Yes, I get to pick my Christmas present. My wife and I decided “it was easier to do it that way.” It will either be Apple’s iTV (or whatever they call it) or a larger hard drive for my MacBook, depending on what iTV actually ends up being. I expect it will end up being announced in January at MacWorld.

A bigger hard drive in my laptop has obvious benefits. 60gb of disk space–more like 55gb after formatting–doesn’t go that far. I actually keep a small amount of media on my system, but that’s because I clean up after myself. It’s the only way I can keep up with it all and not run out of disk space. It would also allow me to dedicate a partition to running Windows XP with BootCamp and Parallels–yes the new beta of Parallels actually supports using a BootCamp partition.

The only reason I am considering getting Apple’s pre-announced product is that I more than occasionally bring my MacBook downstairs to watch stuff “on the big screen.” It’s not a huge deal–only takes a few minutes to set up, but it’s still a pain. Having a dedicated device to watch this content is very desirable. It also gives my wife a chance to watch stuff without me, if she so chooses.

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