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Nokia N80 versus Nokia N95: Howard Chui Has Spoken!

Well, he didn’t actually speak on this video (also pointed at by Darla and Stefan), but you get a good sense of how the phones compare. Here’s what I can see:

  1. The N80 and the N95 are about the same size.
  2. The N95 appears to combine some of the aspects of the N73, namely the “camera” buttons along the side.
  3. The N95 appears to have a larger camera lens. It should–it’s supposed to capture 5 megapixels worth of goodies.
  4. No pop-port on the N95, it’s got a mini-USB connector on it.
  5. Headphone is supposedly a standard 3.5mm, which rocks the house.
  6. MicroSD slot. Boo. Yet another memory format.

Yeah, I think I want an N95 now. :)

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