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Something I’ve been trying to figure out with regards to SIPphone is: what’s Michael Robertson’s business plan here? He started and Lindows, what’s he up to here?

SIPphone is very similar to Free World Dialup in that you have to buy a device to utilize the service. The basic service: making and receiving calls between members, not to mention free voicemail, are included. You don’t even have to buy a device from SIPphone. You can use any SIP compatible device you choose, though SIPphone will only support you using their devices. In addition to calling other SIPphone people, you can call US-based toll-free numbers, callers on IP Tel and FWD.

What’s interesting is what they’ve recently announced: a partnership with SingTel. SIPphone has some verbage on their site to suggest they will permit essentially “direct dial” to the PSTN for reasonable rates (US is $.03/min). This is coming soon, but will be available soon. Something that is available now is the ability to get a Michigan PSTN phone number for your SIPphone. (Normally, SIPphone uses the nonsensical prefix 747)

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