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Some Useless Stats for in 2006

This is one of those navel-gazing posts. Please ignore if you don’t care about this kind of stuff. And let’s lay blame where it is due for starting this. The only reason I am doing this is because I generally don’t look at my stats unless someone asks me to. It’s been a while, so I figured I’d dive in and see if anything interesting pops up.

Actually, 2006 has been a year where I have changed content management systems twice, so things are a little sketchy overall. At least between Drupal and WordPress I kept the same URL structure. I also get a surprising number of hits for articles that no longer exist on my site, mostly old Check Point stuff.

The stats came from whatever my webhost 1&1 does to generate these statistics. Not sure what they do to generate this stuff. I am also doing a certain amount of “manual parsing” of this data to get the interesting bits.

General Stats (for 2006):

  • Number of page views: 2,587,445
  • Number of visitors: 1,445,426
  • Mosts visits outside of .com/.net/.us/.org: Italy (8967 unique visits)

Top 5 Referrers:

  1. Google Search: 38,000+ (included country variants and blog search, stopped counting after a while)
  2. 3,095
  3. 2,185
  4. Yahoo Search: 1,498
  5. 910

Top 5 Web Browsers Used on my site (ignoring robots, in visits):

  1. Internet Explorer: 313,116
  2. Mozilla-types (e.g. Firefox, Netscape): 227,561
  3. Lynx: 27,135
  4. Opera: 15,878
  5. Safari: 4,503

Top 5 OSes Uses on my site (visits):

  1. Windows (439,972)
  2. Linux (46,707)
  3. MacOS (24,642)
  4. BSD (1,238)
  5. SunOS (332)

Top 5 Viewed Articles:

  1. GMail for Your Domains (9064 page views)
  2. Why did the FireWall-1 FAQs on move to (3040 page views)
  3. Crack WEP With a Single Packet (3014 page views)
  4. Soonr Gives Free Disk Space (1554 page views)
  5. EQO Mobile Rocks The House (1489 page views)

Hope everyone has a good 2007!

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