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orkut is an online community website designed for friends. It was designed by a programmer at everyone’s favorite search engine Google. It is one of the many “social networking” sites that are starting to form. LinkedIn is another such site.

One thing about Orkut at this point is that it seems to be a “by-invitation only” service, which makes it hard to join unless you “know someone.” Jeff Pulver put a note in his blog essentially offering to give invites or orkut. Unfortunately, when I emailed Jeff to ask him for an invite, the email must have gotten lost. However, Marcelo over at Voxilla decided to invite me to orkut, so now I am a member.

If any of my “friends” out there want an orkut invite, please send me an email with the subject “orkut invite.”

[Note: I’m no longer giving out Orkut invites anymore unless I know you.]

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