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The Venice Project? Eh.

I got an invite to The Venice Project a while back, which is the peer-to-peer video thing the bad boys from Skype are working on. This evening, took a moment to install it on a Windows PC–no Mac or Linux support yet–and give it a try. The interface was alright. The video did a pretty good job getting to my system and they go to great pains to tell you exactly how much bandwidth it eats up.

I did find and watch The Making of the Dani California video without too much difficulty. Pretty cool video and backstory to the whole thing. The video streamed fairly quickly and I didn’t notice any major issues. I haven’t heard any of the more recent stuff from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, mostly because I don’t listen to mainstream radio, watch MTV-like channels, or buy music on iTunes. I might have to go get some of their more recent albums. But I’ll buy CDs. I can rip ‘em that way.

I’m sure there are plenty of kinks to work out of the project. The major one from my point of view is content. If you have a great system for playing content, but no content worth a damn to use on it, who cares? Other than the Chili Peppers, there wasn’t much there I was interested in watching. I might peek in from time to time, but until they get a Mac version and until they get some content I might care about, I’ll stick to my usual methods.

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