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Vox Now Supports Nokia Nseries Phones

Darla Mack reports that Six Apart’s Vox service is now compatible with the Nokia Nseries devices. In fact, if you sign up through, you get an extra gigabyte of upload space per month (you normally get two gigabytes). You will also be “eligible for future promotions, created with Nokia mobile bloggers in mind,” whatever that means. Of course, I’ve known that Vox is compatible with the Nokia Nseries devices for over a month now.

Newer phones will ship with Vox support built-in. For the older phones, they provide a settings file and describe the process for getting the file to the phone. It seems to be a better approach here would be to provide a mechanism to SMS said URL to the mobile phone so the settings file could be downloaded directly to the phone. The fact this requires data service on your phone shouldn’t be a showstopper because that will be necessary to use the service anyway.

I’ve been using Vox for several months now as a place to post my personal musings and find it a delight to work with. I would strongly consider using it for my main blog if they offered a paid version where I could have more control over the service (e.g. specify my own ads, blocks, minor customizations to the templates). But, alas, they offer no such service.

One open question is whether or not an existing Vox user can obtain the extra gigabyte of upload space a month. I’m asking about it.

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