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Making Sure I’m Backed Up!

Since Apple’s non-iPhone announcements were not exactly what I had hoped for, I decided that I would both increase my storage on my MacBook and make damn sure it’s backed up!

My MacBook has the “stock” 60gb drive in it. Between ripping my CD collection to iTunes and the video I download off the net, 60gb goes pretty fast. That and it’d be nice to have an uncompressed image file to use Parallels on and/or possibly try out BootCamp. That means: a new hard drive. Ordered a 160 gb laptop SATA drive.

While looking for “something else” to get, I ran across a cool external 250gb hard drive that supports both FireWire and USB 2.0. The primary function will be to serve as a backup for my MacBook. It also includes a built-in memory card reader. Score!

And finally, I paid for a copy of SuperDuper! to ensure automatic and intelligent backups to this external drive and/or possibly the network.

All of this ended up at approximately $300 USD with shipping. Hope to get it in the next few days.

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