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Wastin’ Time with iTunes and Bittorent

Wasted entirely too much time this evening going through all the music I burned in iTunes and making sure it had the right album art, but it’s mostly right now. Still gotta go back and do some cleanup. Also fiddled with Azureus for way too long, but at least I have Bittorrent and RSS somewhat happy. The way Democracy Player handles Bittorrent on the Mac sucks, thus needing to find some solution to the “want to download torrents via RSS feeds” problem.

Why can’t people design software like Apple that “just works?” Well, even Apple can’t get it right. Replacing the album art so the “Coverflow” view was updated, well that was just annoying. Some bug where it’s not consistently getting replaced. Will have to go back and do some cleanup eventually as some of the tracks still have the wrong album art, though at least it shows right in the Coverflow view. However, that is a project for another day as it is entirely too late now.

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