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Democracy Player Needs to Improve on the Mac

I have been frustrated with Democracy Player on the Mac. There are a couple of issues, specifically:

  1. If you click on another channel while you’re watching a video, the video stops playing and you lose your place!
  2. The bittorrent support in Democracy Player doesn’t work very well. I frequently find that that my torrents don’t start, not to mention the torrents themselves are a little slow at downloading.

Since I have no idea when or if these issues will be resolved, I have went back to iTunes for my video podcasts. I have it running anyway as I download Dr. Joy podcasts for my wife. It doesn’t do bittorrent RSS yet, but I am using Azureus with the ScaneRSS plugin to handle that duty. It is not the easiest in the world to set up, but it appears to be doing the job. In fact, I was a bit surprised that it had downloaded and was already seeding a file when I came to fetch the laptop to bring downstairs to watch TV.

Meanwhile, I hope that Democracy Player gets their act together or FireAnt finally releases a Mac client with bittorrent support.

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