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One degree from Tech TV

For those of you who subscribe to the “Six Degrees of Separation” theory (i.e. any two people on the earth are separated by no more than 6 “friends of friends,” to see an example of this, visit the Oracle of Bacon) I have just discovered that I am only one degree of seperation from someone at Tech TV. Prior to this recent discovery, I was two degrees of seperation away. One of my friends has been interviewed on Tech TV more than once.

I actually know someone who works at Tech TV: Becky Worley. How do I know her? Quite simple: I went to high school with her at HPA. HPA is a small private school on the Big Island of Hawaii. We’re talking around 300 kids total in 9th thru 12th grade, so unlike a lot of high schools, it’s quite possible to know everyone within a couple of degrees of seperation. That is both good and bad. Granted, we only overlapped one year (she was a senior, I was a freshman), and I can’t honestly remember having more than one or two conversations with her. I would be utterly surprised if she remembered me. But in the “six degrees” game, it counts.

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