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Apple iPhone versus Nokia N80ie

Golden Boy Michael Robertson places the Nokia N80 Internet Edition up against the Apple iPhone. Guess who wins. Of course, I have some questions:

  • Where can you actually buy a Nokia N80 Internet Edition in a brick and mortar store? I mean except for Nokia’s Flagship stores?
  • Will there be a piece of downloadable software that lets me stream music to my Nokia device from my MP3Tunes locker? That would be hot!
  • Did you realize that the Nokia N80 Internet Edition supports the PlaysForSure DRM from Microsoft? Of course, it plays unencumbered MP3s just peachy, thanks. Of course, you can’t buy DRMed tunes directly from the Nokia device, at least not easily.

The one thing that the iPhone has over a Nokia N80ie: a QWERTY keyboard (albeit on a touch-screen). All in all, a fair comparison.

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