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Working for Voxilla

I’m not sure exactly when it “officially” started — I guess it was last week when Marcelo said “let’s formalize our relationship,” but I’m now part of Voxilla. My “job” as it were is to help build their forums, generate some content, and help out with various projects. It does give me access to a wide range of VoIP service providers and equipment. I’ve been using a VoicePulse “Open Access” line for a while to test various SIP adapters. I will get to test the new SPA-3000, which allows you to mix POTS and VoIP much like you can with a conventional VoIP adapter and an FXS/FXO adapter. I’m also evaluating some other SIP-related gear. I’ve also been adding content to

As for the existing FireWall-1 content on, that will continue to be maintained here on

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