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Life Happens

As someone who blogs here about VoIP, Telecom, and Technology, I realize that you may not want to constantly be exposed to things like, for instance, pictures of my kids or a random thought about stuff going on at home. Or other things not related to VoIP, Telecom, and Technology. That’s one reason I have a blog over on Vox–to keep those things seperate from the niche I am writing about here.

Part of the challenge of keeping more than one blog is keeping them active. Some days, I struggle quite a bit to post something on both blogs each day. Most of the time, I can manage, though there is still 1 or 2 days a month I can’t quite manage it. That’s forgivable as a reader of a regularly updated blog written by one person.

Once in a while, something major happens. Blogging, at least as it happens normally, stops. For example, power outages here at the end of 2006 made it difficult for me to blog for a few days. I posted brief notes to both of my blogs to let everyone know I was still alive. This past week, my buddy Ken Camp, who writes on both his IP Adventures and Realtime Unified Communications blog had to deal with the fact his wife ruptured her intestine and spent a couple of days in the ICU. Obviously, dealing with that became front-and-center in his life.

While Ken didn’t post much to his blogs during the ordeal, aside from an odd snapshot from the hospital to his Vox blog, he did manage to eek out a few updates on Twitter to give us an idea something was wrong. The updates were very brief and to the point. We knew something was up, and thus his absence from his blogs was completely understandable.

It was nice that Ken followed up and posted an epilogue to his experiences on both hishighly visible” blogs. While Ken may be struggling with the privacy implications,’s Darren Rowse suggests this helps build credibility as a blogger. Not that Ken needs more credibility in my book.

In any case, my thoughts are with Ken and his wife. Let’s hope her recovery continues to go well.

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