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Roam4Free Opens an Affilliate Program

Pat Phelan posts on his blog that they’ve opened up an affiliate program for their Roam4Free mobile phone service. 25% of sales. Not bad, if you ask me!

The basic idea behind Roam4Free is it makes it possible to keep a single prepaid SIM and not pay roaming charges on incoming calls. It’s not a replacement for service in your home country, as the outbound calling rates higher than your standard pre or post-paid service. However, it makes inbound roaming calls cheaper.

Some other benefits of their service include:

  • Unlike with most prepaid SIMs, where the balance typically expires after 6 or 12 months, your prepaid balance on Roam4Free doesn’t expire.
  • Free incoming calls in 65 countries. Sadly, because we don’t support a calling party pays system here in the US, we’re not one of the countries. However, most of Western Europe is included.
  • Outbound calls to most locations is one low rate.
  • SMS works as usual. Inbound SMS is free.
  • SIM has an Estonian mobile phone number. Pat claims that, in a few weeks, it will be possible to get a UK or US mobile number as well for a premium charge.
  • Since their service requires a new SIM, you might need to unlock your mobile phone. They offer a service where this can be done for a nominal fee (disclosure: previous link is an affiliate link).

At this time, their service is lacking data service (e.g. 3G or GPRS). However, that is in the works also.

In any case, I have signed up for their affiliate program and have an affiliated sign-up link as well as links in the sidebar.

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