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Nokia E61 versus Nokia E62

While I’ve had a few people’s Nokia E61 in my hands, Monday, if all goes well, I finally get one of my very own. Oh sure, I’ve had a Nokia E62, which is substantially the same phone, but different. Here are three key differences:

  • Nokia Pop-Port on E61 versus Mini USB on the E62
  • WiFi on the E61, none on the E62
  • European UMTS on the E61, no such luck on the E62.

Now normally, I am with others on the Pop-Port versus Mini-USB thing, namely that Mini-USB is better. The problem with that is that the headphone jack on The E62 is a 2.5mm headset that seems completely incompatible with the other 2.5mm Nokia headsets I already have. At least with the Nokia Pop-Port, I’ve got a boatload of headsets already.

One other difference, though I have not been able to confirm it yet, is that the E61 should be a faster phone than the E62 due to the presence of an extra processor. Almost wish I still had the E62 to do a side-by-side comparison, but I gave it to a co-worker recently.

There’s no doubt in my mind that, if you can get your hands on both phones, the Nokia E61 is the better phone. It will cost more, as no carrier is subsidizing the E61 in the US. At least if you buy an E61, you won’t have Cingular’s branding all over it. That is always a bonus.

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